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Company Introduction

88Lamps.com Pte Ltd registered in Hong Kong and based its operation from Guangzhou, China has been in projector lamps business since 2005. Its beginning is linked back to a booth operation selling projector lamps in Singapore, with business name registered in Brunel and Singapore, MK-Innovative Development.The dedicated focus of projector lamps selling allowed insight into the vertical process of manufacturing and avenues of venturing business into China. Equip with necessary background knowledge, MK understood the challenges facing the projector lamps industry and see opportunities in these challenges.

Our product lines

With technological advances, we see direction adding up the additional product lines:

  • More Lamp kits developments
    We are more focus on event-centric Projector lamp kits development. Partnership with rental and events companies that harass on quality pictures on rely on LCD colour technology.
  • Well featured LCD /DLP projectors
    Championing quality 10,000 hour lamp life projectors in face new advances in projector technology. technology.
  • Filters & Remote control
    We see facility support as a whole and not only lamp basis. We gather the filters and remote controls are constantly out of supply when projectors get outdated
  • Development of R/C moving Display units
    We see a requirement in a coming future to drone display vehicular unit. Combining cameras, with a LED panels modular bracket units , the vehicle is able to organised crowds to allocated areas deemed fit for traffic control.

We value People

88Lamps.com Pte Ltd is committed to providing the resources and a conducive environment where employees are able to realize their potential, expand their capabilities and chart their skills progression in relation to long term career development. Promising employees are also being groomed to take on greater and broader responsibilities when the opportunity arises through job exposure and leadership courses. Several of the company’s key staff are nurtured in-house over the years.

Company Values

  • Respect: We believe in mutual trust and respect at all levels. This is fundamental to a high-performance culture that embraces diversity and teamwork as one corporate body.
  • Integrity: We embrace the highest standards of integrity. We have the courage to do what is right, and earn the trust of our fellow workmates and customers.
  • Innovative: We constantly seek to innovate in adapting to the market and solving work issues.
  • Excellence: We pursue excellence and persevere in everything we do.
  • Compassion: We always be ready to help the needy when opportunity arise.

Original lamps directly from Manufacturers

As a company experienced more than 10 years in projector lamp business, we build up some Original lamps profile along the years. There were some advantage with Infocus in the earlier years as an authorized infocus lamps distributor in Asia. We also build partnership with the like-minded lamps partners to exchange our advantage on different brand and models. This allow us to get more competitive prices for Original lamps of other brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Sony etc. as our channels are all different.


  • ET-LAE200, ET-LAE300, ET-LAV200
  • ET-LAV300, ET-LAV400 ET-LAF100
  • ET-LAD120, ET-LAL500, ET-LAE16
  • ET-LAE12, ET-LAD310A


  • VLT-HC5000LP, VLT-XD600LP, VLT-XD2000
  • VLT-XD3200LP, VLT-XD8000LP
  • VLT-XL550LP, VLT-XL650LP, VLT-XL6600LP
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