High quality lamp-kits, 90% close to Original

All the lamp-kits we produce, uses the best quality plastic material, polarized glass and screws. We have a strict quality-check after the lamp-kits are out. Two areas that we look out for it’s the focal point and lamp-kit fitting to ensure it can be put into the projector smoothly.

  • LMP-C240(1)
  • LMP-C240(2)
  • LMP-C240(3)
  • LMP-C281(1)
  • LMP-C281(2)
  • LLMP-C281(3)
  • LMP-D213(1)
  • LMP-D213(2)
  • LMP-D213(3)
  • LMP-E211(1)
  • LMP-E211(2)
  • LMP-E211(3)
  • LMP-E212(1)
  • LMP-E212(2)
  • LMP-E212(3)
  • NP 22LP(1)
  • NP 22LP(2)
  • NP 30LP(1)
  • NP 30LP(2)
  • NP 33LP(1)
  • NP 33LP(2)
  • RLM W8(1)
  • RLM W8(2)

We build connectors that last

All of our connectors have gone through a strict QC, they are 100% well-connected with the projector. We build up to date connectors that are commonly use in the latest designed projectors. Above all, we can offer you a lowest price that you cannot get from others!

Original filters from Manufacturers

Its commonly known, projector accessory is hard to find in the market, especially for filters of Barco and Christie. But don’t worry, we have stationary source for filters of these 2 brands and some other brands like Panasonic, NEC, Hitachi. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance.

  • Barco 12C
  • Barco 20C
  • CP2000-X
  • CP2210
  • DP2000
  • Epson 6000
  • JHY-001A (NEC900C)
  • JHY-001A (NEC1600C)
  • JHY-001A (NEC1600C)
  • JHY-104C(DP32B)
  • JHY-301A(CP2210)
  • JHY-304A(CP2220)
  • JHY-305A(CP2000SP)
  • JHY-701A(DP8000)
  • JHY-702A(DP6000)
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