All range of our products is available ONLINE now . Make profit with us! Discover great discounts constantly. Visit our Amazon and Alibaba online shops now! and partners has been established 10 yrs back and had worked with many companies providing support services to their clients Our partners with their qualified team of Engineers who are providing the solutions & support.

Slowly, to provide support we concentrated on projector lamp business and had been able to do penetrate a good no of cliental.

We were always very transparent with our client on quality of product and never tried to compromise on quality for meeting the target prices.

Our strength lies in understanding the electronic circuits and providing support based on that.

  1. 1. Repair and maintenance of projector and other accessories on one time and under contract
  2. 2. Onsite and offsite support
  3. 3. Providing service on contract basis to third parties
  4. 4. Representing foreign companies for providing support for their products in India, South Africa, Philippines and Indonesia.
  5. 5. Supplying original parts

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